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Class Descriptions
Companion Dog Training 101

The basic obedience course consists of 6 sessions that will be held once a week.  Each class is approximately 45 minutes to an hour long.  The classes are designed to guide the owner and dog step by step.  You and your dog will be learning 9 elementary commands including: "Wait at the door", "Sit", "Down", "Stay" , and "Heel"
Companion Dog Training 102
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Additional Services
Six Week Private Instruction
Same as Companion Dog Training 101, but instead of a class setting, the six week sessions will be held privately.
One Hour Puppy Basics
This one hour session will cover some of the puppy basics; evaluating temperament, discussions on crate training, housebreaking, and basic puppy behavior. We will also introduce you to some relationship building games.
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The goal of this 6 week course is to get better off-leash control
from your dog with varied distractions present. Your dog will learn to "Come" individually when in a group, "Follow Me", "Down Drop", " Go Lay Down Stay", until released, " Go Over" a jump, " Fetch", and "Leave It" alone. This practical follow up course is very helpful, and will help secure your dogs obedience.

 Practicing Tips for Beginners

  • Practice at least 10 to 15 minutes a day 
  • Go through each command at least 8- 10 times
  • Say the command only once
  • Try not to get frustrated
The Dog Training Place  encourages and promotes responsible dog ownership by offering the opportunity for the owner and their pet to work towards and prepare for the Canine Good Citizen Award test.  
To begin training your dog on leash you may want to begin with the "Circle"
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     You begin training your dog by allowing him to go to the end of his leash. This allows your dog to remain out side of your circle, which is approximately an arm’s length around your body. You will then use the leash to make the collar work by tapping with a quick jerk and release action; the jerk should be hard enough to get your dog’s attention but should never physically move the dog. If you have jerked and released the collar four times with no response, question whether you could jerk harder without moving your dog. If not, then you may need to use a different type of training collar for your dog.

     You are not using your leash to move the dog towards you but to get his attention. Therefore, to train your dog successfully, you still need to find a way to get the dog next to you. The way to do that is to PRAISE! That’s it – jerk, release, and praise! If you are getting your dogs attention, he will come close to you within a reasonable amount of time. The passive dog may take 15 seconds; the dog with the strongest of wills may take as long as 20 minutes. Be patient, and the dog will show you that this method works. While you cannot make your dog want to come to you, you can show him how nice it is when he does come. Dogs respond to a positive and avoid what is negative to them. Therefore, a more enjoyable and positive experience for you dog is soon preferred over the negative experience encountered outside of your circle.

     Once your dog has entered your circle (runs right up next to you), you need to take your training one step further, you must insist that your dog gives you eye contact for at least three (3) seconds. If the dog is in your circle but still looking away from you, then his attention is not on you and he is not ready to start training. To get your dog to look at you- tap, release, and praise with “Good dog”. Do not say your dog’s name or touch his face. Continue praising while your dog is looking at you and make sure that you tap, release, and praise again if he fails to maintain eye contact for a full three (3) seconds. The tap gets his attention; the praise gets his eye contact! After you have his eyes offer praise and give him a treat.
One Hour Private Instruction
 After consulting with Paula, find out if a one hour private instruction session is right for you! This one hour private instruction will allow you to focus on some specific goals. Schedule one or as many  sessions as needed.
Three Week Puppy Basics
This three week class begins when you first bring your puppy home to get him/her off on the "right paw"! The main focus will be relationship building, establishing leadership, and some focused beginning obedience. This class will build confidence in both the owner and the puppy.
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​For Dogs Only
This training includes three week boarding and training. Your dog will learn basic commands such as sit, down, stay until released, come, wait, ready, heel, leave it-take it, and go lie down. Also included are lessons for the owners to make sure the owners understand the commands.
The Pack Hike is a great way to continue your dogs training after completeing the Companion 101 and the Companion 102 classes. The Pack Hike will allow you to fine-tune your dogs obedience in a different context, helping your dog understand that no matter what setting you are in you are still expected to have good social manners! Call and find out more!
Pack Hike