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My name is Paula Lutz, and I am the owner and instructor of The Dog Training Place.

The Dog Training Place is a private facility.  The main focus of the training is Puppy Basic, Socializing, and Basic and Intermediate obedience.  The method is a highly motivational, not a force-train method.  The dog and owner become eager participants in the learning experience.  The main goal of these courses is to guide the owner into getting desirable behavior from their dog and also to eliminate undesirable behavior.

The classes are taught in groups no larger than six dogs.  This gives me the opportunity to oversee, encourage, and lead the owner toward success.  I encourage family members to attend class.  Also offered are private and one-on-one training.

Also offered through The Dog Training Place, is the opportunity for the owner and their dog to work towards the Canine Good Citizen Award.  In encouraging pet owners,  my goal is to promote responsible pet ownership.

By following the guidelines of the American Kennel Club and by staying connected to and working with professional trainers, my hope is to provide happy well trained pets.

Paula Lutz, Owner and Instructor

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